» Caldes de Montbui

The Director Plan for Cooperation 2011-2015 proposed the opening of a space for the dialogue and participation of local entities for the detection of themes and motivations that were of community interest.

It is also committed to continue with the existing activities of enhancing and protection of human rights from the local world, that at that time were: the maintenance of a fund bibliographic about peace culture and the call for grants for the young to participate in activities for the cooperation; and the Prize Caldes de Montbui for works of research in high school in the sphere of cooperation, pacifism and ecology (two actions which had the aim of promoting the interest of young people in the international cooperation).

To meet the proposal of the Director Plan of Cooperation, the Municipality of Caldes de Montbui and the social and solidary entities promoted the creation of the Board of cooperation, solidarity, peace and human rights (TCSPDH). A space of debate was opened around the ambits of international cooperation that since then let achieve its motivations, identify new cooperation agents and propose actions. The first session of the TCSPDH opened to citizenship had place on the 5th June of 2013 and it reached forum in the agreement for a decisive and effective organ. The 20 people who attended the first call adopted two immediate commitments: the first, given the urgency of the answers that generated the poverty of many families, was to ask for a diagnosis about poverty in Caldes de Montbui; the second was the commitment towards a definition of a cooperation policy that generated a narrow collaboration between the municipality and the society since then until now. In the framework of the TCSPDH, apart from the awareness campaigns and against the inequalities north-south, external experts were invited to enrich the social debate.

The project Cities Defendants of Human Rights is a new opportunity to raise awareness amidst citizenship in general and high school students in particular, adds to other existing opportunities in the town which have the aim of promoting the interest towards international cooperation and its intrinsic values.