» Castelldefels

The Council of Castelldefels is one of the municipalities adhered to the “Xarxa de Pobles i Ciutats pels Drets Humans”, which constitutes a declaration of intent to fulfill the commitments of the European Charter for the Safeguarding of Human Rights in the City.

For more than 25 years, the City Council of Castelldefels has an area of municipal action that organizes and coordinates the programs and activities of peace and solidarity, which includes as objectives the defense of human rights and the International Cooperation.

Its mission is the dissemination and promotion of the values of peace, solidarity, human rights, and international cooperation in order to work to denounce and eliminate inequalities in the world. In order to achieve this reality, activities aimed at Citizens are programmed, and support is provided to local entities that work in the aforementioned areas, with special emphasis on the “Programa d’Educació per la Pau i la Solidaritat” in schools, a framework in which talks with the defenders who participate in this project are included.