» Cornellà de Llobregat

Cornellà de Llobregat has always opted for solidarity, believing is a tool for the positive transformation of the whole society.

The Solidarity Department works in two spheres: citizen awareness and indirect international cooperation.
Regarding the first one, the goals proposed are: to spread the word of the work Cornellà does in Solidarity, to boost society’s awareness towards cooperation, to provide of basic resources to use as informative referents in the field of solidarity and cooperation (Point of Volunteering and Solidarity –Punt de Voluntariat and Solidaritat, in Catalan– created for this reason), to find tools and mechanisms to educate citizenship through education for the peace, equality, social justice, participation… to sum up, to elaborate a thorough programme full of resources to offer citizenship.

In the sphere of cooperation, support has been addressed to the projects of the Cornellà entities that work around the world looking for sustainable and whole development, in the society where they are carried out as much as in their environments; always working from the double perspective of working there and raising awareness here.

The diffusion and promotion of values like peace, solidarity, human rights and international cooperation in order to work towards reporting and eliminating inequalities in the world is crucial for the local administration; so as to make it true, activities are programmed and addressed to the citizenship. Support is also given to the local entities which work in the abovementioned spheres, putting special emphasis on the Programme Education for Peace and Solidarity – Programa d’Educació per la Pau i la Solidaritat, in Catalan– at schools, where talks with the project defenders are included.