» El Prat de Llobregat

For many years, the Council of El Prat has expressed its commitment to the international cooperation and the defense of peace and human rights.

Either by awareness actions or the celebration of the “Jornades del Prat Solidari” or the celebration of the International Peace Day or the International Day of Human Rights, and the support provided to the various entities that make up the “Comissió del Prat Solidari” to carry out various cooperation projects. The department has made a firm commitment to maintain and encourage actions that work to defend the values ​​that guide our strategic axis, and the defense of human rights and the support for those people working to achieve a more just and solidary world, where fundamental rights of all persons are guaranteed, regardless of their origin, nationality, ethnicity, sex, political or social status or economic situation.

That’s why the City of El Prat had to participate in this joint project that will disseminate the difficulties faced by these defenders of human rights who dedicate their lives to international raising awareness for compliance of these universal rights.

The rights we enjoy today have been achieved, throughout history, by committed people who dedicated their lives to it. The role of these defenders is a crucial element and an incalculable value because their struggle has enabled the present and future generations to build their lives fairer.

All our support for these people and for the “Ciutats Defensores” project.