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The city of Girona has a tradition of more than three decades of work in the areas of development and solidarity cooperation, as a result of the constant work carried out by the organizations and NGOs of the city, as well as the progressive building of a public policy of cooperation.

The promotion of human rights has been and is one of the aims of our city, which has been consolidating work towards the promotion of these thanks to the perseverance and commitment of associations of the city, including the Council, which through the “Consell Municipal de Solidaritat i Cooperació” have worked together in the realization and promotion of resources for education for the development activities, awareness and development cooperation projects, because we believed that promoting a model based on transformative education and international cooperation we can move towards a model of fair and caring society that, to the extent of its possibilities, can alleviate the inequalities between rich and poor countries.

Participating in the project “Ciutats defensores dels drets humans” makes sense and is in line with the actions carried out in the same city in this area, and specifically those carried out directly by the Council or that supports:

  • Campaigns in schools around the culture of peace and directly related to the promotion and guarantee of human rights. These campaigns are organized jointly with the city actors such as the “Coordinadora d’ONG Solidàries” and the Working Group of school music teachers.
  • Organisation of the annual “Cicle de Cinema i Solidaritat”, each year around a theme and the violation of a law or its promotion.
  • Educational resources in the field of formal education working various human rights such as access to water and sanitation, education and housing. An example of this are the twenty-two editions of the “Diada de Cooperació Solidària” or the “Migracions Humanes” resource.
  • Support to the “Centre de Recursos per la Pau i la Solidaritat” of the “Coordinadora d’ONG Solidàries”, which is located in the “Espai de Solidaritat”, which aims to create, organize and disseminate a resource pool of education and research in education for Development, Peace and Human Rights, Cooperation and Global Justice, aimed at all citizens.
  • Support through the annual call of grants to work that the organizations perform in the city in favor of the values ​​of culture of peace and human rights promotion.


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