» Mataró

“Putting an end to poverty and inequality” is a goal which must be globally achieved. From Mataró, we are committed for over 30 years in the contribution to make a fairer and more solidary world. In the defence for human rights, it is believed that localities are no longer isolated spaces, but their contribution can have global impact and vice versa.

In the 12th March 1987, Mataró’s government agreed on becoming a member of the Catalan Fund for the Cooperation to Development, – Fons Català de Cooperació al Desenvolupament, in Catalan–. It was also one of the first municipalities in Catalonia which turned the 0.7% of the gross income allocated to cooperation in 1997 into a 1% in 2003.

It has elaborated three Main Plans: 2006.2012; 2013-2016 and the current 2018-2022. These plans have been the outcome of participative processes and of the will of the local government to adequate the lines of action to the changing realities at a global scale in the current framework of Objectives for Sustainable Development.

The Local Council for Solidarity and International Cooperation was created in 1997, nowadays called the Local Council for Solidarity, Cooperation and Coexistence. The aim was to create synergies between the entities that work for the defence of human rights in the international level and those which do it in the local level.

In the year 1998, the first Night for Solidarity took place, in order to explain the end goal of the public resources allocated to cooperation for the development.

Mataró is at the same time a referent in the promotion of Fair commerce and Ethical Bank. In this line, in the year 1997 “La Peixateria” was assigned to an entity for the launching of the Centre for Cooperation and Solidarity “La Peixeteria”. It was also one of the first public institutions to open an account in the Ethical Bank through TriodosBank in the year 2007. The project Cafè Ciutat was added in the year 2008.

Among several agreements and commitments we can highlight:
– The agreement to become a protector member of the Association of the United Nations in 1994.
– The adhesion to the Aalborg Charter in 1996.
– The drafting of the Agenda 21 of Mataró in 1998.
– The subscription to the “Commitment of Barcelona. Commitment of cities for human rights” in 1999.
– Adhesion to the “The European Charter for the Safeguarding of Human Rights in the City” in 1999.
– The adhesion to the Declaration of local Governments for the Millennium Goals of the United Nations in 2005.
– The adhesion to the Network Majors for the Peace in 2005.
– The adhesion to the Network for the Public and Ethical purchase in 2006.
– An institutional declaration on the occasion of the celebration of the Volunteer Day in 2007.

With the commitment and the will of continuing promoting human rights, Mataró adhered to the project “Cities Defending Human Rights” in the joint work with other municipalities, so as to spread the work of people devoted to the different causes in the defence of minorities and social rights.