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Since 1991, the Council of Molins de Rei, through the Department of Cooperation, Solidarity, Peace and Human Rights, developed a program called “Tallers per la Pau” in all schools and primary educational centers in the village.

This program is included within the project “Conviure a la Mediterrània” where was one of the winners, in 2012, of the Award for the Intercultural Innovation of the Alliance of Civilizations of the United Nations, which has enabled us tu build a network of organizations from other countries interested in our methodologies, submit projects and, of course, obtain European co-funding, such as the Anna Lindh Foundation for the Euroediterranean Dialogue. In this case, our town was the only project approved in Spain and this has allowed us, among other things, make it possible to start implementing the program in schools in Jordan and Tunisia, and to start exchanges with local schools using interculturalism as a tool.

One of the important projects about peace and human rights that we develop is the “Mostra de Cinema Drets Humans i Interculturalitat“, which spent eight editions with a great success of participation.

This consolidated event, which year after year continues to grow not only in our village, but as a model for other municipalities in the region, is now more than ever, essential for our children and young people aware of the need to preserve and defend human rights, peace, solidarity and coexistence. Students, teachers and families are participating in this transformation process in our society.

With the projection and careful selection of the films, students from schools know incredible stories that promote the debate of ideas and reflections about our world and about the model of society we want through film culture.

Another of the actions that are carried out in Molins de Rei with the collaboration of the solidarity entities is the “Setmana Solidària”, for more than 7 days various activities related to issues of Human Rights, education for values and Peace are offered. The last day of the solidarity week ends with the solidarity party, a full day of acts and solidarity actions.

The “Contrarumors” project is a project that has been carried out since a few years ago, is born from the workshops that the Department of New Citizenship offers to educational centers. The purpose of these workshops is to combat and deny false rumors about migrant people, cooperation and refugees.

Various campaigns and awareness-raising exhibitions have been carried out to publicize the reality of these issues. This year three exhibitions have been made: “ I tu què creus?”, “Les raons de la cooperació” and “Refugiats” as well as other awareness campaigns: “Contrarumors” plastic glasses, performances, participation in various conferences, example of good practices…

The reception is vital for a municipality, for this reason, Molins de Rei is a welcoming of peaple Village: The first reception is essential to feel part of the territory, with the implementation of the Law of welcoming we respect the rights of people.

From the Council of Molins de Rei we prioritize the work done from a town and school commitment because we believe that it is essential to stimulate a critical thinking and fighting demagogic discourse of some sectors of our society. We pretend that our children and young people can see how behind a film or workshops are hidden messages, knowledge and values, that then, they surely will put into practice to society around them and their own future.


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