» Mollet del Vallès

Mollet del Vallès is a city devoted to the defence and promotion of human rights, through the adhesion and development of the general principles of the The European Charter for the Safeguarding of Human Rights in the City (1998) adopted in Saint Denis during the II European Conference Cities for Human Rights. It has long associative and institutional experience in the field of solidarity and international cooperation, especially in the network from the Baix Vallès to the north of Chinandega in Nicaragua, where the twin town since 1989, San Juan de Cinco Pinos, is located.

There is a global commitment as a city for the defence of human rights, promoted by the educational centres, the Local School Council, the Síndic Personer, and, since 2012, the Director Plan of Cooperation for Development of the Municipality of Mollet del Vallès. All of them with the commitment for a sustainable global development to guarantee everyone’s welfare and peace, in hand with a responsible and solidary society through the whole of the local policies and the activities carried by social agents. In addition, these social agents, constituted in the Commission of Solidary Entities of Mollet, – Comissió d’Entitats Solidàries de Mollet, in Catalan– adopted their own ethical code committed to having a minimum structure, stable and sustainable; totally non-profit; with decentralized cooperation; to assess the impact of the projects and activities; to be economically transparent; to promote the internal participation and democratic functioning; and to make the maximum joint work with other associations.