» Rubí

The municipality of Rubí has been carrying out actions for the cooperation for the development since the year 1992 along with the neighbours.

The department of Citizen Relations and Cooperation was created during the legislature 1991-1995.
The Pla de Mandat 2015- 2019, which establish the guidelines for the current local government, sets out among its aims, to promote a public policy of cooperation for the development. This policy adjusts to today’s needs, the tradition of decentralised projects and citizen awareness and cooperation of proximity, and the broadening and promotion of campaigns at schools, high schools and neighbour entities, carrying out actions which promote local, supra-local and international solidary networks; and which over all produce bidirectional transformations.

The municipality of Rubí just approved, in the month of February 2018, the Director Plan for Cooperation for the Development 2018-2020. This Plan represents a tool for planning aiming at getting a bigger impact in the public policy of local cooperation. This Plan opts for the education for the development with the aim of consolidating the work of promoting solidary and living values, and incorporates gender equality, human rights and environmental sustainability as transversal focus which will lead all interventions.
The municipality of Rubi has been developing awareness campaigns for years, addressed to all society, and educational activities for the peace and human rights addressed especially to children and the youth.
The education for the Development is a strategic line of the Director Plan. This line aims at improving the impact of the cooperation policies in Rubí, promoting the leadership of the different agents, boosting the citizens’ adhesion to the local policies of cooperation and generating social cohesion in the keys of justice and solidarity.

The project Antirumous addressed to the primary and secondary schools and to the general society aims at combating the rumours, the stereotypes and prejudices. This action is articulated around the reflexion about the concepts of culture, diversity, stereotypes, rumours and prejudices. Tools for the work, management and treatment of stereotypes and rumours about cultural diversity and non-violent conflict resolution are provided. The antirumours project is divided into two phases: the awareness workshops and the network of youth antirumours which aims at educating volunteers coming from the workshops for them to become antirumour agents. In the last years the demand for these workshops has augmented both at schools and at cultural spaces where several local entities meet.
The Human Rights fortnight, Quinzena dels drets humans, in Catalan. From several years ago, on the occasion of the international day for human rights, in the month of December, a few activities take place for the awareness towards the promotion of human rights in collaboration with the Sindicatura de Greuges and other local entities.

With these activities, every year, they attempt at reaching different social sectors, as storytelling for the children, exhibitions, conferences, etc.
Every year activities of Education for the Peace and Human rights are offered at schools through the Educational Plan. Activities such as “Sewing networks”, “Itinerant Peace workshops”, “Rethinking Peace”, “The conflict and the parties involved” or the “Shame walls”.

During many years The Diversity Festival of Rubí has been celebrated as a space for gathering and cultural reflection. During 2017 intercultural actions were taken to the neighbourhoods through the project “Rubí Intercultural Action”, with the idea of raising awareness in a more diverse public. Chance was taken in the framework of the local Festival –Festa Major, in Catalan– which counts with a bigger public, in order to carry out awareness campaigns in busier stages, and give value to the activities towards awareness.