» Sabadell

Sabadell is a city committed with the defence and protection of human rights shared by the citizenship and the institutions. These shared values have turned with time into specific actions like the town twinning with the Argub (West Sahara) and Matagalpa (Nicaragua), or the fact that in 1994 0.7€ of the local budget was allocated to international cooperation. Sabadell is part of the Catalan Coordination of Solidary Municipality with the Saharan people, adhered to the Network of Towns and Cities for Human Rights since 2003, and the Network of welcoming and solidary towns with refugees of 2011. It was also created in 2011 the Council of Civil Rights and Gender, from which it is looked transversally on the promotion, the awareness and the respect for human rights and equality among people regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, culture, ethnia, origin, beliefs and convictions; and since 2016, with the collaboration of the Catalan Human Rights Institute, in the frame of the European Charter for the Safeguard of City Human Rights. In this line, the neighbours organise weekly since 2003 the Peace Wheel –Roda del Pau, in Catalan– and also created the Citizen Platform for the Refugees in 2016, with the support of the Municipality. Regarding International Cooperation, support is given from the Municipality to the projects with transforming vision of the local entities, and to programmes on humanitarian aid, catastrophes and emergencies around the world.