» Sant Cugat del Vallès

The municipal policy model of cooperation promoted by the City Council of Sant Cugat del Vallès seeks to contribute to the social transformation through the empowerment of people and to prevent and influence the causes of inequalities in order to guarantee the human rights, environmental sustainability, global justice, and peace.

The City Council allocates 0,7% of its own revenues to deploy the local cooperation policy through the following modalities of cooperation, established in the “Pla Director de Cooperació al Desenvolupament, Pau i Drets Humans 2017-2021”:

  • Direct cooperation aimed at consolidating the democratic institutions of local governments through the joint work between administrations. It also includes twinning with Aargub, at the Sahrawi refugee camps.
  • Direct education for Development, oriented to the information and formation of the citizenship to promote the reflection on the causes and consequences of the inequalities.
  • Indirect Cooperation and education for development, support for projects promoted by entities that work with local entities of impoverished countries and doing awareness raising in the city.
  • Emergencies, support for post-conflict or catastrophic humanitarian assistance programs.

Regarding the sectoral priorities, the following strategic objectives are established, for the field of cooperation and education for development:

For cooperation, it points out 3 strategic objectives:

  • Universal rights and peace.
  • Governance and local power.
  • Local economic development.

For education for development, it points out:

  • Promote the focus on education for development and global citizenship.
  • Increase the impact, quality, and coherence of educational actions.
  • Improve citizen involvement and participation.
  • Improve the articulation and collaboration between the actors of the cooperation and the other actors of the municipal associations.

Boosting the integral respect of Human Rights is one of thetransversal objectives that govern the Master Plan and which places Sant Cugat as a city committed to Human Rights, not only through participation in the “Ciutats Defensores dels Drets Humans” project, but also through the support of local reference entities such as UNIPAU and SCAPS and the daily commitment to the promotion and protection of human rights and cooperation policies based on the rights approach.


More information: https://www.santcugat.cat/web/cooperacio