» Sant Feliu de Llobregat

The Municipality of Sant Feliu was one of the first ones to adhere to the Network of Towns and Cities for the Human Rights, starting a path of Meeting the commitments of the European Charter for the Safeguarding of Human Rights in the city.

The achievement of these commitments required the involvement of the citizenship and entities. For this reason the adhesion meant that the tradition Sant Feliu had of working in the cooperation for the development, solidarity and defence of the peace culture and respect for human rights, helped at establishing progressively a cooperation policy.

One of the aims of the municipality was the promotion and defence of human rights. It was possible thanks to the entities’ commitment, the educational world and the citizenship. It was an intense work from the Municipality and the Council Solidary of Sant Feliu, which worked to promote the Educational Plan for the Development, Peace Culture and respect for Human Rights.

All the work done allowed to consolidate the Project of Solidary Schoold, where the activities of education for the development, peace culture and respect for human rights stopped being punctual activities and became part of the school curricula. That implied a big effort from the school community.

The other action worth highlighting is the Days of Human Rights in the City, activity addressed to the general society (it has turned its 10th year). It is an space for the thinking, debate and work proposals. From these days different initiatives emerged, which have allowed an advancement and change of the local services, the giving of support to the entities and the improvement of the life of the vulnerable ones.
To end with, the commitment of Sant Feliu de Llobregat towards human rights comes from afar, since it has been 15 years that the municipality opts for the defence of human rights of the asylum and international protection. That is why the municipality had to participate in this joint project which will let know citizenship the difficulties faced by the defendants of human rights, who dedicate their lives to the international awareness for the fulfilment of universal rights.