» Sant Vicenç dels Horts

Solidarity, Cooperation, Coexistence and progress: “ADN Vicentí”.

Sant Vicents dels Horts is a city with a demographic, economic and social history with a common denominator in almost all other cities in the Baix Llobregat. The common denominator is solidarity, the spirit of cooperation, coexistence, and progress.

Socioeconomic crises happened in the past, have had as positive the settlement of an important local cultural solidarity. The people of Sant Vicenç helped each other during the 60s waves of migration. Cooperation and inter-local solidarity were decisive in the terrible floods of the Llobregat river that caused so many deaths. More recently, coexistence, cooperative spirit and an unstoppable movement for progress has been decisive for the welcome and accommodate without excessive social tension the new immigration that in recent years has settled peacefully between us.

This tradition of civic solidarity, structures us today especially for not make us forget that in addition to the suffering from a significant portion of our population because of unemployment and the gradual disappearance of the welfare state, there are groups and individuals beyond our zone, which are also going badly and require our attention and solidarity spirit.

It is in this context that the Council participates in the “Ciutats Defensores dels Drets Humans” project and it is for this reason that the city welcomes Human Rights Defenders that will visit us and will explain to us that despite the geographical distance and cultural differences, Human Rights are a universal value whose preservation affects us globally and require a continuous defense.

The current socio-economic crisis fills today all thoughts, publications, and information everywhere, but we can not fall into the temptation of selfishness and drop into culture oblivion of a rooted and social behavior, -a true “Vicentí” DNA- that sensitizes and continuously opens us the conscience and generosity to other realities.