» Diputació de Barcelona

The “Diputació de Barcelona” is a local government institution that promotes the progress and welfare of citizens in its territorial area: the province of Barcelona, 311 networked municipalities. It acts directly by providing services and, above all, in cooperation with the city councils.

International action is one of the lines of action used by the “Diputación de Barcelona” to achieve its strategic objectives. From the “Direcció de Relacions Internacionals”, through the “Oficina de Cooperació al Desenvolupament”, is managed the part of the budget (0,7%) that the “Diputació de Barcelona” reserves of its own income for development cooperation activities. In the field of Development Cooperation, the “Direcció de Relacions Internacionals” has three main goals:

  • Promote local development cooperation policies and assist city councils in the conception, monitoring, and evaluation of their initiatives.
  • Support non-profit organizations with the objective of working in a coordinated way in the development of cooperation projects for development in third countries and raising awareness among the citizens of the municipalities of Barcelona.
  • Cooperate with local governments in developing countries and foster international cooperation and solidarity as an ideal framework for the exchange of experiences and the joint development of projects.

The “Direcció de Relacions Internacionals” of the “Diputació Barcelona” has gradually integrated international action as a public policy, while at the same time promoting the role of city councils in the demarcation of Barcelona to ensure the reinforcement of its structures, promoting actions of Education for Development that promote the development of solidarity, the culture of peace, and the defense of human rights.

Human rights is a line of action that the “Diputación de Barcelona” wants to promote, given that it is a key point for the citizen coexistence in particular and in the global world.

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