» Fons Català de Cooperació al Desenvolupament (FCCD)

The “Fons Català de Cooperació al Desenvolupament” is an organization made up of Catalan municipalities and other municipality organizations (delegations, regional councils and commonwealth), which allocates part of its budget to finance actions of Development for Cooperation and Solidarity with the peoples of the disadvantaged countries.

Jointly manages the financial resources provided by partner institutions, which allows to unify the criteria for analysis and evaluation of projects and to have a technical team of specialists who facilitate a coordinated monitoring of the projects financed, beating the dispersion of efforts, duplication and technical and economic limitations of many councils.

It acts as an instrument for coordinating the efforts of Catalan municipalities in cases of emergency actions, especially in postemergency and reconstruction. This project began with the “Campanya per a la Reconstrucció de Centreamèrica”, after Hurricane Mitch in 1998 and has been applied in other emergency situations like Kosovo, Mozambique, the Saharawi People, El Salvador, Iraq, for the earthquake in Al-Hoceima and the response to the Southeast Asia tsunami in 2004, and most recently, campaigns to alleviate the effects of hurricanes in Cuba and Hati and the cyclone in Myanmar 2008 or campaigns for reconstruction after the earthquakes in Peru in 2007, and Haiti in 2010.

It Promotes with their actions, both in our country and in disadvantaged countries, the creation and consolidation of an active civil society and committed to the values ​​of human development and human rights, by funding projects that prioritize the direct participation of the beneficiaries and supporting education and awareness projects carried out by associations of our country.

It wants to be the voice of the Catalan councils committed to joint development cooperation and solidarity with other national, state and international institutions, vindicating the role that local authorities are currently in the promotion of decentralized cooperation in the North and the local development in the South.

Institutionally, it is the agency for cooperation of the municipalities of Catalonia and is, therefore, the intermediary both in the state scope, with the presence, in accordance with Spanish law of international cooperation (“Ley 23/1998 de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo”), to the “Comissió Interterritorial de Cooperació al Desenvolupament”; and the Catalan scope, with the presence, according to the Catalan Cooperation Law (“Llei 26/2001 de Cooperació al Desenvolupament”), the “Comissió de Coordinació amb els Ens Locals” and the “Consell de Cooperació al Desenvolupament”. At the local level, has an agreement with the ACMC (“Associació Catalana de Municipis i Comarques”) and FMC (“Federació de Municipis de Catalunya”) and is also a member of the Executive of the “Federació de Municipis de Catalunya”.

Entity of Public Utility. In April 2002, the Council of Ministers granted the declaration of Public Utility Entity in recognition of the Fund job and the transparency of its management.

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