» Institut de Drets Humans de Catalunya (IDHC)

The IDHC was born more than twenty years before in Barcelona around a group of people with a clear sense of protest and struggle for the progress of freedom and democracy in the world, of call for a combination of individual and joint efforts of public and private institutions, and for the expansion of political, economic, social and cultural rights for all people.

The purpose of the “Institut de Drets Humans de Catalunya” is to study, research, outreach, education and promotion of human rights from an interdisciplinary perspective, with the aim, among others, to improve cooperation with individuals, peoples and developing countries. To make these goals possible, the Institute collaborates with organizations and public and private institutions that can facilitate the achievement of these aims.

Specifically, the “Institut de Drets Humans de Catalunya” has participated in activities directly related to the theme of this project, as was his involvement in the program of Defenders of Human Rights that the “Oficina de Promoció de la Pau i els Drets Humans de la Generalitat de Catalunya” took place in 2009 to 2011.

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Institut de Drets Humans de Catalunya
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