Claudia Garcia Giraldo

Right to truth, justice and reparation.
Asociación de Desplazados y Desplazadas por la Convivencia Pacífica
Claudia García Giraldo is a prominent member of the Asociación de Desplazados y Desplazadas para la Convivencia Pacífica (ADESCOP), an entity created in 1999 by several displaced families that were organized with the aim of accompanying and representing the interests and needs of the displaced population, and organize political, legal and social actions that would allow to take full account of the problems faced by displaced persons, and seek the requirement of their rights. Claudia García was chosen by women victims of displacement to represent them in the Consultative Council, which is a space of direct interlocution with the mayor of Bogotá and the various district entities in which the public policy of women is followed up. The Association also leads the participation and claim for the restoration of land.
The ADESCOP asked a request for precautionary measures that were submitted to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on August 23, with the objective of requesting protection measures in favor of Claudia and two other people of the same organization that, due to their activism, have received threats and attacks. In 2011, they assassinated her brother, José Querubin García. For all this, Claudia was hosted by Amnesty International thanks to the Temporary Protection Program for human rights defenders.

Interview with Claudia Garcia Giraldo

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