We defend defenders

City councils, entities and institutions in Catalonia united to support those defending human rights around the world

Meet the defenders of the 2024 edition – Spring tour

Why do they fight for?

We educate, raise awareness and advocate to denounce the persecution that human rights defenders suffer

At the same time, we improve the knowledge and promotion of human rights in our schools and municipalities

Human rights defenders are people who, individually or collectively, work to promote and protect human rights, mostly at the local or regional level. They denounce human rights violations and work to protect the fundamental rights of people.

Their principles are equality, non-discrimination and human dignity, based on international human rights norms.

Usually their task implies a risk against their physical and mental integrity, many times being the target of attacks and threats, both from governmental actors and other actors such as landowners, paramilitaries, organized crime, etc.

Thousands have been detained, criminalized, deprived of liberty, forcefully disappeared or killed with the goal of silencing their fights for justice.

Get to know the human rights defenders